Intergrated recycling solutions.

Developed recycling processes.

Energy efficient and environmentally friendly.


OIKOKIKLIOS SA has as objective the recycling of lamps, lighting and appliances arising from the Greek initially and then from the European market.

Our company already operates a modern and certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 industrial plant concerning the recycling of the electrical and electronic equipment. WEEE wastes arising from the collection throughout the territory for which our company is licensed for the all 13 regions. OIKOKIKLIOS has already developed electronic charts for collection points and private trucks and serves directly all the collection requests assigned by the cooperating alternative collective management system.

It is also owner of one licensed storage place of lamp waste in northern Greece with temporary storage of them until they sent to the processing unit in the headquarters Aulida.

The processing method used by the recycling machine is: Crushing and sieving through vacuum air.

The recovered materials that come from the sorting-processing and recycling of WEEE are: glass, plastic, paper, aluminum, brass - copper powder, iron, batteries, mercury, pallets.

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